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Wines, Beers, Ciders

Wine grapes that date back 9,000 years ago and beers made in Mesopotamia 4,000 years ago all show you how old these favourable drinks are. Looks like it isn't just crazy uncle Larry who likes a tipple on a Friday night after work!


Behemoth Brewing

Behemoth Brewing started, by Andrew Childs, in 2013 with the sole purpose of making bigger tasting beers, and making them as fun as possible. Since then, we have been pretty bloody busy creating an awesome array of hoppy core range as well as some really out there fun one-off seasonals. Our philosophy is that beer is fun; we have fun making it so that people can have fun drinking it. Our mascot: Churly the Chur Monster is on all of our labels.






Garage Project Brewing

We're a small but growing brewery, located in an old petrol station in Wellington. It's an unlikely place for a brewery but our aim in the Garage is to create unique and beautiful beers. We like pushing boundaries, reinterpreting styles and challenging the notions of what beer can be. We're here to try something new. Just like you!


Zenkuro Sake 

Everyone involved in Zenkuro; David, Craig and Richard, have all spent a lot of time in Japan - the homeland of Sake! Over all of these travels and studies back in Japan, they've all made their way back here to NZ. Now, based in Queenstown, they've opened up NZ's first and only Sake brewery and are making amazing in roads in and around the world thanks to their amazing products.








Beer Jerk 

It all started off with a couple of good mates: Brent and Luke, who decided way back in 2015 that they loved great beer and that many others did too. Now their subscription club has blossomed into one of the most exciting beer services in the country with its members getting some of the freshest, most exciting and most exotic beers on the market!

Unison Vineyards

Small batch, handcrafted wines from the Gimblett Gravels and Hawkes Bay region of New Zealand. 

Antills Vineyard


Urbanaut Brewery

Urbanaut beers are designed to celebrate the cities that inspired their creations whether you know the destinations well or yearn to explore tit some day. Every sip will give you a taste of the culture no matter where in the world you are.





Four Hawk Day

We have an authentic family vineyard, growing grapes in Marlborough's Waihopai Valley for 26 years and making our own wine for 6 years. The name comes from our children's backseat games on the way to kindy. Spotting two or three hawks was cause for excitement, but seeing four hawks meant it would be the best day ever. We hope you have a Four Hawk Day when you drink one of our special wines.

Lone Bee Mead

Venturing far and wide Lone Bee is on a mission to revitalise the most earliest alcoholic beverage [mead] for the 21st century.  Not a beer, wine or cider, Lone Bee Sparkling Mead is Gluten Free and made from the finest Clover & Manuka Honey with no additives, sweeteners or preservatives.  The result is a crisp, just off dry and very refreshing drop that accentuates all that honey goodness and at 5.3% alc/vol, is the perfect thirst quencher for these long summer days.  

Cambridge Road 

Te Aro Wines

Te Aro Wines is an urban winery in the heart of Wellington making wines from local fruit. We make FUN wine not fine wine!

Kelly Washington Wines

We seek the most unique and diverse parcels of high quality fruit, which we translate into elegant and honest wines. We work with a fastidious bunch of growers who have a love for the land, and are unrelenting in their pursuit of nurturing exceptional fruit from distinguished sites. Old vines, high density planting, vineyards of altitude, farmed sustainably, organically and/or bio-dynamically are the attributes we seek from the growers we work with. 

Working with such exceptional fruit, our aim is to showcase and explore sub regionality of New Zealands wine growing regions, but moreover making wines of provenance​. In many cases, these special sites are farmed organically and bio-dynamically. Therefore its important to us to continue these philosophies after they are harvested.

Strict hand harvesting, the use of alternative fermentation and maturation vessels, such as cement eggs / old puncheons / amphora, only enhances elegance, texture and balance, naturally. We use minimal sulphur in the winery and only native yeast, which aids our mission to make transparent, honest wines that reflect provenance. 

Abel Methode Cider

Little Wing Wines

We started Little Wing back in 2014 after resurrecting an abandoned vineyard property on Waiheke Island.  We followed our passion that was gained while working in the Northern Rhone in France, and replanted with Syrah and Marsanne on the steep, heavy clay soils overlooking the ocean.  Hand-worked vines, a focus on organic viticulture, and low-intervention winemaking allow us to strive for authenticity of site and season.