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Pickles and Sauerkraut

Sauerkraut - the amazing German invention, right? NO! It is believed to be an ancient Chinese tradition which has been around since the time of the Mongols. In fact it is said to be a favoured food of the workers who built the Great Wall of China. All in all, pickling vegetables, creating kimchi or making sauerkrauts are all very old methods for preserving and transforming mundane vegetables into fermented goodness.


Zeli Sauerkraut

Exquisitely simple & deliciously addictive. ZeLi is a versatile all natural probiotic that's so tasty it'll have your tastebuds singing out for more. Not fancy. Not complicated. Just raw crunchy goodness.


Forage & Ferment

Forage & Ferment is an award winning boutique fermentary in Clevedon. We specialise in WILD fermentation and harness the magic of the naturally hard-working microbes to create real food that is bursting with local flavour and goodness. We are passionate about making this ancient process relevant to todays modern gut by infusing nutritious vegetables for flavour, greater nutritional diversity and good gut health! 






Living Goodness

Living Goodness is a pioneer of fermented foods in the country, crafting premium quality all-natural raw fermented goodness. From sauerkrauts to kimchi all that add great flavours to any meal.

Good Bugs Waikato

GoodBugs is leading the way with Zesta - the new summer taste sensation! Fermented Pesto made with regeneratively grown nutrient dense herbs, sprayfree local garlic, certified organic nuts, seeds and olive oil. GoodBugs Zesta has a long shelf life but tastes so good, it rarely last long, you'll be eating it out of the jar.

GoodBugs' Zesta, Wildly Fermented Sauerkrauts and Kimchi are packed with billions of little helpers which taste great and are great for your gut, immunity, mental and physical health.

From gut health to mental health, GoodBugs are passionate educators about the importance of including “good bugs” from fermented foods, in every meal, every day and in as many different ways as possible.