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Partners & Sponsors

We would like to thank our Partners and Sponsors for their support in pulling Ferment! Auckland together! We wouldn't have been able to fit all these foods and foodies into one room without them (and what a room to be in!)




The Cellar Store is NZ's home of international wines and spirits, curated wine advice and education.

"Despite being a festival that celebrates NZ wines and products we still wanted to show our support for festivals that have a similar ethos to ours, that ethos being around sharing good food and wine, great chatter and excellent education. We can't wait to see what these guys pull out of the bag. I don't think Auckland knows what is about to hit them!"



The Chocolate Bar is a collection of the world’s finest chocolate.  

Chocolate aficionado Luke Owen Smith sources exceptional craft chocolate from all corners of the globe, with a particular focus on small-batch, ethical and bean-to-bar producers. The Chocolate Bar offers monthly subscription boxes to showcase these beautiful bars, as well as offering a huge range of  individual bars, gift boxes and a Chocolate Tasting Course. As well as creating and curating all of this chocolatey goodness, Luke hosts many talks and tasting sessions around New Zealand to spread the word of craft chocolate. He’ll be joining us for two special tasting events at Ferment!


Authors, marketers and family historians all need fermented food and books! BookPrint was pleased to help Connal previously and he quickly became a friend, therefore when the opportunity arose to help with Ferment! We jumped at the chance.

BookPrint works with anyone needing to design, print or sell books online. Helping with the process after the editing stage - we don’t do grammar, but we do make sure your book looks ‘bookshop quality’. Our areas of expertise are cover design, page layout, printing quality, online e-commerce - everything you need to ensure your book looks banging’ and gets picked up to be read.




Fermentation. The process that is at the heart of everything. It is at the heart of life. It is the process that will change proteins and sugars in foods and beverages into a bounty of flavours and textures that make the foods we eat the foods we love. Which is all very well and good but it is also one of the biological processes that occur within us making it vital to survival. As a wine expert, I have long been interested in fermented products - it just goes with the territory - but in these last few years I have been working on an event that truly celebrates the excellent fermented foods and beverages from around NZ. Interest in probiotics and fermented products has risen in the recent years and I hope it becomes more of a hot-topic. Ferment! is to be a platform for celebrating this unique process and the delicious and fizzy products it produces as well as the artisans who bring them to our tables.



Connal Finlay