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Lesson Plans

We would like to thank our team of teachers with decades of experience who have worked hard to put together these lesson plans for teachers across New Zealand to spread healthy eating education.

The lesson plans have been created specific to certain ages.



In this lesson, we have created an in-depth look into one of the most essential foods in the world: Bread. For the younger students, we look into the basic facts, ingredients and steps that go into bread. For the older students, we compare different bread types and delve into yeast and the variety of flours.

What is Real Bread? Lesson Plan (Year 1-4)

-'What do I know about Bread' worksheet

-'Bread Ingredients' worksheet

What is Real Bread? Lesson Plan (Year 5-8)

-'Facts about Flour and Yeast' worksheet

-'Bread Tasting' worksheet


We've also created some activities for children of all ages (these links are also on the 'Activities' tab of our Educational Resources Hub).

-Bread Making Steps worksheet

-Essential Ingredients of Real Bread Experiment

-Making Real Bread Activity



In this lesson, we are focusing in on the nutritional aspects of the foods that we eat or should be eating in a healthy and balanced diet. We have the kids understanding food groups, the importance of the different colours of food. With the older children we start to look into the packaging of food and how that interacts with our buying habits.

Healthy Eating Lesson Plan (Year 1-4)

-Let's Eat Healthy Starter Lesson

-Healthy Food Hunt

-Healthy Food Rainbow

-Food Groups (credit to Stay At Home Educator LLC)

-Dinner Plate colouring exercise

Fruit Bowl Mixup and Salad Bowl Mixup

-Fruit Salad Counting Lesson

Fruit Salad Bowl Colouring In and the Fruit Salad Counting

LIVE HEALTHY POSTERS: Fruit, Grains  and Proteins

Healthy Eating Lesson Plan (Year 5-9)

-KWL Chart

-Healthy Food Plate

-Healthy Food Packaging Lessons

-Healthy Food Packaging Create Your Own