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Kombucha, Kvass And Other Fizz

Kombucha dates back to 221BC in China, Kvass dates back to 989AD in Russia, fermented ginger beer and lemonades date back to 16-18th centuries. A long and fizzy history for drinks that many are only just learning about in hipster cafes.


Pete's Natural

Pete's Natural makes all natural lemonades which are low in sugar and made from only New Zealand grown fruits, "fair trade at home"! No concentrates from overseas! No nasties!


WabiO Kombucha


Mamazing Kombucha

MamaZing Kombucha is an Artisan, Herbal Elixir Kombucha made in the Faraway North by Amira and Jo MudWood.  MamaZing is Artisan brewed in Oak barrels with Spring Water and carefully selected, all Organic ingredients.  With a range of complex Herbal blends, MamaZing offers health benefits as well as complex, full-bodied flavours.  Tested high in Probiotics and healthy acids, MamaZing Kombucha is great for gut health and immune support, as well as Herbal health benefits.  MamaZing is focused on reducing waste and having positive impact on the Earth with swing top bottles and refill fountains around New Zealand.  MamaZing Kombucha for a healthy future! 

Hakanoa Ginger Beer 

Batchwell Kombucha

Hi, we're Batchwell and we make kombucha. What is 'kombucha' you ask? Well, ours is a naturally fermented bubbly probiotic tea. At Batchwell we do nothing by halves. Proudly small-batch brewed in Auckland, using premium organic teas, cold-pressed fruit and vegetables, and no added sweeteners or fake sugars. It's raw, unpasteurised, and you're dang right it's gluten and dairy free. It's like a delicious, refreshing swim, except your mouth gets wet, not your body. It works better that way.

Mama's Brew Shop








New Leaf Kombucha

We just opened NZ's first pure kombucha taproom. We have 5 different types of kombucha on tap and sell bottles too. We make everything on site with organic ingredients.