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Cured Meats

You might know of Homer (not Mr J. Simpson) the Greek philosopher? Turns out that curing meat with salt and berries in order to preserve it dates back to his time. An ancient tradition that has been refined to create the proscuitto and salamis that we know and love today.





A Lady Butcher

A Lady Butcher is committed to making New Zealand Charcuterie out of the finest ingredients that our country has to offer. We work directly with Kiwi farmers to source meat that has been ethically and sustainably raised, on open pasture and without the use of hormones. Then, we cure this premium meat with salt and spices from our shores to highlight its natural flavour as well as to achieve optimum tenderness. Purposeful meats for purposeful people.



Cazador Restaurant

Bex & Dariush are the charming hosts of one of New Zealand's top restaurants. They are well known for their hunter-gatherer ways and their excellent meat dishes, they will be launching their new charcuterie range at Ferment! along with having their Cazadogs food truck!

Hungarian Artisan Sausages

Small batch, handcrafted salamis made to traditional methods and recipes from Hungary. Made using no nitrates, fillers or other artificial or unnecessary ingredients. Our products are wood smoked, aged and fermented.



Salash Deli