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Chocolate and Coffee

Both start from beans, both are fermented and turn into something with endless flavour and pleasure. Who would have thought? Those Aztecs in 350BC were on to something with cacao!


Foundry Chocolate

At Foundry Chocolate we celebrate and accentuate the remarkable personalities of the world’s finest cacao by crafting and aging micro-batches of bean-to-bar chocolate from scratch – using only two ingredients: Cacao Beans and Organic Sugar - all from our little foundry in Mahurangi, New Zealand.







The Chocolate Bar

Headed by our good friend Luke who is a chocolate expert whizz! He's taken the craft chocolate market in NZ by storm and is putting customers like yourself in contact with some of the absolute best bean-to-bar craft chocolates from around NZ and the world. A legend in his own right - don't forget to sign up to one of his incredible tastings!

Raglan Chocolate 

Ingredients are ethically sourced and organic. Plus the Cacao beans are of single origin, meaning from one original country and farm straight to NZ, fairly traded and traceable.

Kokako Coffee 

Harpoon Cold Brew Coffee

Harpoon is a dedicated cold brew coffee maker based in Dunedin, New Zealand. All of our products have no sugar or dairy, and are a super refreshing way to enjoy your coffee.