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Cheese and Yoghurt

Cheese has recently been found to hid in a tomb of an ancient Egyptian man: Ptahmes, which dates back to the 13th century BC. Cheese is an ancient and delicious part of history and one of our favourite fermented treats.


Grinning Gecko Cheese

Award-winning cheesemakers, Grinning Gecko make some of New Zealand's finest soft cheeses. Their brie has won NZ champion soft white rind cheese three times and has received a bronze medal at the international cheese awards in the UK. Their Kau Piro cheese has also been recognised nationally and internationally along with its maker Zev Kaka-Holtz. This is a unique opportunity, not only to be able to purchase their cheese but also to meet the cheesemakers themselves.

NZ Cheese Ltd

Raglan Coconut Yoghurt

Raglan Coconut Yoghurt is a dream come true for those that lovely luscious and tasty yoghurts for a snack, breakfast or a treat. With a wide variety of flavours all made using natural flavours and colours - what isn't to love?






Bellefield Butter

Producers of artisan cultured butter, fermented and slow ripened. Great for cooking or entertaining. Flavours include: sea salt, chilli and lime and pohutakawa smoked miso

Meyer Cheese Mercer Cheese

Savour Cheese

Award winning organic cultured nut cheeses and butter sure to satisfy any connoisseur of gourmet artisan foods. Savour supports the movement towards a plant based diet for health, environmental and ethical reasons. Our mission is simply to produce delectable and tempting plant based foods.


Kaiaroha Vegan Cafe & Deli is a unique and innovative venue with a range of revolutionary vegan products on offer including artisan nut cheeses skillfully aged in our giant glass cheese cave We make everything with love and little impact on the environment!