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Baked Goods

With flour, made from sorghum, being ground from over 100,000years ago found recently it would appear that baked bread has been ingrained in human history for a long time now.








Kapiti Artisan Breads 

Some of the best breads available, no question! The small and passionate team headed by David Winterbottom produce Ciabatta to Sourdough to the best garlic bread around!


Bread and Butter Bakery 

 Bread & Butter Bakery has been a pioneer in organic sourdough bread baking in Auckland. Specialising in a wide range of organic breads and sourdoughs, accompanied by a selection of handmade pastries, sweets, cakes and savouries.

Fort Greene Bakery

Sandwiches have always been a big part of our lives. We love the fact that the definition of a sandwich is open to interpretation. Any meal can become a sandwich and any sandwich can stand alone as a meal. We believe in integrity of ingredients and strive to achieve this through making everything from scratch. All sandwiches start with bread and to create the best sandwiches, you need to create the best bread. Sourdough bread challenges us everyday and makes us be better and search for perfection everyday!

Grown Up Donuts